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Image & Thumbail Hover Slider

Image & Thumbail Hover Slider is nice and smooth, clean and scalable – you gonna love it!


  • Instalation guide
  • Instalation script (put your preferences -> copy -> paste -> enjoy)
  • Nice and clean design.


  • Fully scalable size (50px-500px)
  • Easy to use
  • Same at all browsers (IE6+, FF, Chrome, Safari, Opera)*
  • Valid code

*IE doesn’t provide CSS transitions

What is it able to do

  • Smooth transition hover effect
  • Installation script will give you pure code, copy and start using!

What are you able to change

    • Size of box
    • Image in box
    • URL what box will redirect to after click
    • Background color of box
    • Color of hover effect
    • Speed of hover effect
    • Most of it through instalation script

Feel free to post your feedback.

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